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Close Out


To say thank you to all of our customers' continued support, each month we pick a few items to sell at dealer price, that is up to 70% off our suggest retail price. This special sale for Limited time only. 
If you have any question regarding this sale, please email us at 

Click on the picture and links for the enlarge.  

Model # INS24ENSK-1     Instroke   "Skull" leather case 

Hold 2 butts 4 shafts. Leather case made by Instroke, with Instroke logo
Retail Price: $479, Special Price: $240, that is 50% off from Retail price

Model # C24H-5  2 butts 4 shafts case, burgundy color,  crocodile print. with 2 pouches, top and side handles, and shoulder strap.  see  Handle and Strap,   Inside View
Regular price $130,  Closeout price: $75

Model # C22F-4  2 butts 2 shafts, very strong case, tan, alligator print. with pouch, handle, and shoulder strap. see  Handle and Strap,   Inside View
Regular price $120, Special Price: $60, that is 50% off from Retail price

J&J Cue: Model # 4400F  J&J  Jump cue,  rose wood handle, speed joint, break shaft taper,  phenolic ferrule tip, easy to jump with this great jump cue
Regular  price: $70,  Special Price: $35, that is 50% off from Retail price

Model # K-JB-2   
3 pcs jump break cue, rose wood butt, 4 real sharp rose wood point in the jump handle. Quick release joint between butt and jump handle for easy change between break cue and jump cue. Black break ferrule plus super hard Phenolic tip makes the cue more powerful for break and easier for jump. Wood joint at the shaft makes the cue have a solid hit with tight feeling that never felt in other jump break cues. 
Suggest Retail price: $130, Special Price: $70
Jump and break cues from J&J are the most popular jump and break cues in the market. Don't miss this special sale. see more of our Jump and Break Cues
Add a set of joint protector for this special wood joint cue at $10.

Kaiser Cue: Model # K300
Solid black maple cue with fancy rings. see more photo  Butt   photo of Rings
Kaiser cues are some high quality cues, play very solid. 
Regular  price: $130,  Promotion Price: $75

Click on the links for  Enlarged Picture     Butt 
Model #
It is a Combo cue: Panther cue P915 with a break shaft is a good break cue, when the cue with a Predator 314-2 shaft, it is a good play cue. The cue with high-tech grip, uniloc joint, stainless steel butt plate with Panther engraving
Shaft: one 314-2 shaft and one Panther break shaft
Wrap: high-tech grip
Tip: Everest tip on the 314-2 shaft, G10 break tip on the Panther break shaft
Weight: 19.50 oz. Weight can be adjusted.
Regular Price: $510,  Special Price $320    only one cue at this special price

Model # JA-Multi
Multi function tip tool, for tip pick, scuff, and tapper. Aluminum, high quality and good size. It is a very handy tip tool. Color in black, silver, and blue.
Retail price: $20,  
Special Price: $11

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*Sales price and stock are subject to change, when stock available only. 
*Free joint protector and free cue bag or cue case offer per request only, when purchase a cue at online price. Cue bag or cue case style and value depend on the price of the cue.
*All products are brand new. While most of the products above are brand new still in the original  packing box, a few products may be displayed for some time. We try our best to mention any issue under the product description if we know any issue with that product. 
* Color of the product in stock might be slightly different from the picture