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For limit of time, when order a Joss cue online, you may upgrade a Joss shaft to an OB1, OB2, OB Classic, or OB Classic Pro shaft, with $60* extra
Promotion:  Add a second Joss shaft to your Joss cue, add only $100. Limited time only.

Key Benefits

  • Cues designed and made by Joss Cues in the USA
  • These are some custom made Joss cues. Each model has very limited quantity made. 
  • All Joss cues come with one 13mm Joss shaft. If you like to add a Joss shaft, or upgrade to other shaft, please email us for special price.
  • Buy with confidence: All of our Joss cues are brand new & directly from Joss Cues. We are one of the largest distributors for Joss cues.
  • Big save: you save up to *15% from the retail price. Limited time only.
  • Bonus: Free deluxe Joss Cues joint protector, and Free J&J cue case per request, when you buy any of the Joss cues at online price. Limited time only. 

Models & Pricing

Click on the cue or links for a clear picture.

Model# Joss-AV06-0708
Solid bloodwood front, rear is bloodwood,
Tiger maple with ebony, holly, and color inlays
Regular price $430
Our Special Price: $365

 Model# Joss-CU14-0806         
Curly maple front and rear with African          
Black Wood ring inlaid with pearl in       
a design reminiscent of French horn 
Regular price $475          
Our Special Price: $403                     

Model# Joss-07-13                                          Model# Joss-AV02-10-14-006
Highly figured cocobolo front                            Highly figured cocobolo cue, old style dash rings
Tiger maple with ebony and pearl inlay           Regular price $395 
Regular price $510                                            Our Special Price: $335
Our Special Price: $433                                                                   

Model# Joss-613-AV06
Curly maple cue, cocobolo handle, total 64 pearl
and black inlays, a beautiful cue  
Regular price $450   Sold out this time, will have it again soon

Model# Joss-823                                              Model# Joss-OP37-C18
Highly figured tiger maple with a nutmeg         Flame birch, 4 black points with a notched pearl  
brown stain and 4 solid points. Highly              diamond at each point. The rear has white maple
figured tiger maple  rear with unique                 rectangles with 3 large notched pearl diamonds  
ebony inlays
Regular price $625                                             Regular price $600
Sold                                                                     Our Special Price: $510


OB1, OB2, OB Claasic, OB Pro shaft fits Joss cues, made by OB Cues
Retail price $235,   Our Special Price: $164.50
Upgrade from a Joss shaft, add $60

OB1+, OB2+, OB Claasic+, OB Pro+ shaft fits Joss cues, made by OB Cues
Retail price $258,   Our Special Price: $219.30
Upgrade from a Joss shaft, add $80

Joss High Performance Shaft comes in two style:
Natural-a traditional style shaft with HP package
Laminated-10 component pie splice
Retail price $250,   Our Special Price: $216
Upgrade from a Joss maple shaft, add $100
When place order please mention you want Natural or laminated, black ring or dash ring                                  

Email us for special price when add a second Joss shaft, or upgrade to a Predator 314-2 shaft or Z-2 shaft.

Email us for update onsale price for any Joss cue.

Stains, color & woods of Joss cues may be slightly different from the picture. 
*On sale special price subject to change, & when stock available only. Free cue case style and value vary.
*Predator shaft made by Predator Cues, not by Joss Cues. It is possible the shaft size slightly different.
*Because some of the above cues are one of a kind or very limited qty made, when sold out, we will not have the same cue at the same sale price. Please email us for update inventory.