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Predator Cue Cases

Key Benefits

  • Buy with confidence: all of our Predator cases are brand new & directly from Predator cues. We were one of the largest Predator Cues distributors
  • Guarantee the lowest price in the market

    Click on the case for a clear picture.

csp22-pro.jpg (39328 bytes) 
Model # CSP2X2-DIS   Predator Sport case, 2 butts 2 shafts. with handle and shoulder strap.
New case, but a small piece of yellow coming off, see photo above. It not affect the function of the cue case. Case sold as it is.
Retail Price: $149   sold out


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Onsale Models

*Special price for stock items only. when sold out, will not have this price
Special price subject to change.